Established in November 2017, Lincolnshire Image Makers is a group of 10 photographers who meet monthly to share and discuss their own images and to have conversations about all things photographic; from looking at the work of 'master' photographers to post-production techniques; from examining the nature of different photographic genres to sharpening the way we analyse - and generally think about - photographs and photography.  We dig a little deeper in the way only a small group can do.


By design, we are a varied group. Our photographic styles, favoured subject matter, levels and types of experience and expertise are very different.  We have come into photography by many different paths and with diverse personal backgrounds,  but we share a common passion - to express our creativity and to communicate through our image-making. At the core of the group is the view that the most important part of image-making is that photographers should have something to say. Camera skills, composition, editing and software skills, etc all have their essential place, but photography is not primarily a technical activity - it is about ideas.


Interesting photographers are interested photographers - they photograph with a purpose. Photography is linked to abiding interests - perhaps natural history and wildlife; or the production of fine art images; or aspects of the natural or man-made landscape; studio or environmental portraiture; macro-photography; documentary, travel or street photography; or 'digital' art - all feature in the work of the group. Often, we are telling stories with a theme; always we are saying' 'look, this is interesting or funny or beautiful.'   


The group stages occasional exhibitions and members are available for talks to camera clubs (or general interest groups) about their individual work, the work of the LIM group and our projects.


Membership is by invitation only.